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Feedback on Access Control systems

TRASTA KOMERCBANKA’S review about access control and working time registration systems

JSC “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” has been cooperating with “Baltic Information and Alarm Systems (BISS, Ltd.)” since 2002.

During 2002 – 2004, “BISS” Ltd. carried out modernization of access control systems, security, and fire alarm systems, as well as video surveillance systems in various sites of JSC “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA”.

During 2005 - 2007, “BISS” Ltd. equipped branches in Liepaja and Daugavpils with necessary security systems.

In 2008, JSC “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” started large-scale reconstruction works related to the adaptation of new office building to the company’s requirements. As part of this reconstruction, “BISS” Ltd. equipped the building (five floors) with the necessary security systems, performed a full range of services in the implementation of these systems – consultations, engineering project development, cable works, delivery and installation of equipment, system adjustment, training of technical and administrative staff members. Within the project, a video surveillance system (60 cameras), an access system (48 doors), security and fire alarm systems, and mechanical key management systems were installed.

“BISS” Ltd. provides maintenance and service for installed systems. We recommend “BISS” Ltd. as a reliable and quality partner.

Head of Security Service: J.Bičevskis

LATVENERGO review about access control system

Per the results of the competition announced by our company, “Baltic Information and Alarm Systems (BISS, Ltd.)” developed, delivered, and installed access system and equipment at JSC “Latvenergo” facilities. They also provided software installation, system unification, and staff training.

The system is qualitatively designed, assembled, and adjusted, from the moment of installation in 2006, works perfectly and is safe and reliable in operation.

We chose “BISS” Ltd. as a possible cooperation partner based on the results of the competition, as well as considering that “Biss” Ltd. is an official representative in Latvia of such brands as “Fargo”, “Evolis”, “Nfive” and others.

We have been cooperating with “BISS” Ltd. for over 10 years, relying on the extensive experience of the company's employees in such areas as access control systems, working time registration systems, personalization systems, video surveillance systems, etc., quality design, installation, and operational service.

We can recommend “BISS” Ltd. as a reliable and quality partner for others.

More information about this cooperation can be given by JSC “Latvenergo” security system supervising engineer Ē.Ozols phone no. 67728236

Director of JSC “Latvenergo” Security department: A.Bērziņš

Feedback on Car Park management systems

Rigas Satiksme Ltd. review of underground parking

“BISS” Ltd, based on the concluded agreement, installed and assembled the accounting and billing system in the underground car park at 5a K.Valdemara Street, managed by “Rigas Satiksme” Ltd. They also developed, coordinated and installed the car vacancy indicator.

Work mentioned above was completed within set deadlines and according to agreement. We appreciate the quality and the organization of work performed by “BISS” Ltd.

Board member: I.Feldmane

Olympic Sports Center’s review of parking management system

“Baltic Information and Alarm Systems (BISS)” has delivered and installed the parking management system in Olympic Sports Center (OSC), 6b Grostonas Street, Riga.

The system includes five entrance/exit control barriers and two paystations. Installed equipment works well, and neither OSC nor OSC visitors have had any complaints.

On the 5th of December in 2007, BISS and OSC signed a service contract for car park management system technical maintenance, service, and elimination of defects.

OSC can confirm the high competency of BISS employees and recommend BISS as a reliable partner for cooperation.

“Olympic Sports Center” Ltd. procurator: Eduards Šļaukstiņš

Latvijas Gaze review of car park management system

In 2009, according to a signed agreement, “BISS” Ltd. completed the delivery and installation of a car park management system in JSC “Latvijas Gaze” owned premises in 20 Vagonu Street, Riga. As per the agreement, they also installed video surveillance and access control systems. All of the systems meet company standards and work well.

Our cooperation with “BISS” Ltd. is continuous as we have a signed agreement for car park management technical maintenance, service, and elimination of defects.

JSC “Latvijas Gaze” Building department manager: T.Čakšs

Alojas Biznesa Centrs. Feedback about car park management system 

Spēks R. Feedback about car park management system 

Elmiks. Feedback about car park management system 

Feedback on Video Surveillance systems

Review of video surveillance, access control, working time registration and security systems from Alpha Osta

According to the results of our company's survey, in the first decade of 2008 "Baltic Information and Signaling Systems (BISS Ltd.)" developed, supplied and installed access control, working time registration, video surveillance and security alarm systems of SIA "Alpha Osta", for a total amount of 35,322.12 LS.

The systems are of high quality design and installation, work perfectly from the moment of installation and are safe in operation.

We chose to collaborate with “BISS” Ltd. based on survey results and taking into consideration their experience in security system design, delivery and maintenance. We have a long-term contract for system servicing.

Taking into account, everything mentioned above, we could recommend “BISS” Ltd. as a reliable partner for others.

Security Department Manager: J.Kics

Mūkusalas Māja. Feedback about video surveillance, access control and security alarm systems 

Riga Shipyard review about video surveillance, access control, working time registration and security alarm systems

In 2005, “BISS Laboratorija” Ltd. developed and implemented the access control and working time registration system based on D’Access software in JSC “Riga Shipyard” territory. They also implemented the video surveillance system. The system includes barriers for vehicle control, turnstiles for personnel control and time tracking, a specially equipped door access control system as well as a video camera and video server.

To ensure JSC “Riga Shipyard” even more convenient operation of systems, “BISS Laboratorija” Ltd. implemented a plastic card printing and customization system.

All systems are of quality, as well as safe in operation.

As we consider “BISS Laboratorija” Ltd. to be a reliable partner with highly qualified employees, we continue cooperation, as a result of which the access control and working time accounting system in our company is modernized.

We can recommend “BISS Laboratorija” Ltd. as a reliable partner for others.

Aleksandrs galkins
JSC Riga Shipyard
IT department manager

Feedbacks (BISS Laboratorija)
Rīgas Satiksme. Feedback about access control and work time accounting systems

Rīgas Kuģu Būvētava. Feedback about video surveillance and vehicle control systems

Latvian Army. Feedback about security system