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Address: Skanstes iela 50 (1. ieeja, 2. stāvs), Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija
Phone: +371 67603360, 67611722
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Mo-Fr 9:00 - 18:00
Our FidPark and dAccess control systems have a number of advantages over similar systems from other manufacturers.

The systems work in online mode, but in rare cases when the control server is unavailable, the basic functionality is retained, and after the connection is restored and the server becomes operational, the data is re-synchronized. The terminals and paystations are working indoor and outdoor. All event reports are available via WEB & LAN.

The systems serve a number of actuating mechanisms (barriers, turnstiles, locks, etc.), mobile and stationary equipment for customers and employees, and also support various readers/technologies for identifying people and vehicles, which customers can select and combine in accordance with the specifics of their objects:
  • Passive contactless cards (key fobs, tags) with a reading distance from a few centimeters to 10-15 m and with several levels of security / protection
  • Identifiers on smartphones with multiple levels of security / protection
  • Vehicle License Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Active and hands-free passes (BLE and other technological beacons - Beacons)
  • Barcode paper vouchers
  • Biometric technologies using seeding images and fingerprintsg system.
For increased security we offer RFID SEOS (Secure Element) technology with special HID readers and RFID cards with unique IDs assigned by the card manufacturer to individual customers. In addition, SEOS data can be written to a smartphone instead of an RFID card.

Biometric identification methods such as face recognition and fingerprints also have increased security. We offer industrial fingerprint scanners that work in snow, damp, dirty hands, and we also use 3D face recognition algorithms that do not respond to human photos.