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New office location (28.08.2019)
From September 2 our office will be located at a new address - Lielirbes Street 1 (Kalnciema biroji)...
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Edikio, plastic price mark printing solutions (26.04.2019)
All-in-one solutions featuring a card printer, tag-making software, black plastic cards and a white printing ribbon
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FidPark Cashier System (05.07.2018)
On July 4th in the public database of the State Revenue Service "BIS S" SIA FidPark Cashier System (FPKS) was included.
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FidPark signature record (14.06.2018)
The FidPark system is supplemented with an option to save the signature of an individual via special signature pad.
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Address: Lielirbes iela 1, Rīga, LV-1046, Latvija
Phone: +371 67603360, 67611722, 67805805 (serviss)
Fax: +371 67611806
Skype: biss_avp
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What are we doing?
We develop, install and control systems and equipment for IT, security and industry - access and time attendance control systems, car park management systems, video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems, custom-tailored systems, warehouse automation.

Here is the list of some of our clients.
0.90 € 1.00 €
Holder type:Card holder . Protection type:Both sides . Card size::86 x 54 mm . The quantity of cards:1-2 . Minimum order...
38.82 € 45.67 €
Supplies type:Lamination ribbons . Evolis Tattoo:- . Evolis Zenius:- . Evolis Primacy:- . Evolis Securion:+ . Evolis Quantum:-...
12.50 € 24.99 €
Mounting:Desktop . Interfeiss:RS232 .
192.60 €
New generation door phone based on SIP protocol, allows people in office to communicate with a visitor and open the ...
3939.76 €
This is our classic Kaba tripod barrier with rectangular (E01) or elegantly rounded base columns (E02) housing and base...
2276.00 €
P4000, programmējams atvēršanas laiks 2.8 s/ 3.8 s/ 4.5 s, efektīvais strēles garums 3.78 m (profils 100*25 mm), 88V-264V,...
Self- Service Cash Collection System
FidPark Cash Collect (CC) version with self-service machines KA-560 is designed for quick banknote and coin receiving in 24*7 mode, from e.g. cashiers and public transport drivers. Clients are identified by their contactless ID-card or other means, like fingerprint scan, phone number. The customer's photo is taken and stored in the database as well. Coins of all nominations (e.g. 1 cent - 2 EUR) are placed into hopper; counting speed is 12 coins/s.

KA-560 provides also automatic banknote changing functions to predetermined combinations of coins. The coins and banknotes are secured by triple mechanical protection. KA-560 machines are connected to Fidpark server with continuous control and real-time monitoring.

FidPark-CC system can be integrated with the company's accounting system. It allows to reduce resources, related to cash collection, and to improve employee working environment.

KA-560 are used also as a self-service kiosk. For example, the employees may get a printout of their salary and taxes for selected month, in accordance with all conditions related to data security and personal data protection.
The recognition technology of vehicle license plates (Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)) becomes increasingly popular in toll parkings and service parkings due to new opportunities and there is no need of the entrance and exit terminals. We can offer also solutions with no barriers at the entrance/exit and between zones. For example, the entrance and exit time can be registered, and, if there is no payment made for the used parking services, the information will be sent to the company, which will collect the fine from the car owner.    
FidPark-ANPR paystations allow customers to identify their car and pay for parking even if the LPN on entrance was identified with the error. The version of this program is extended with modules, which ensure safe service also in cases, when the car is at an angle to the camera, it does not have a standard number plate or it is damaged, which makes it difficult to recognize the license plate. 

FidPark allows to merge ANPR technology also with traditional technologies, such as, bar code ticket. On the exit from the parking lot the system might test both car LPN and the pass ID in order to escape the chance of leaving the parking lot with an alien car.

It is important to know, that installing the ANPR parking control system, opposite to traditional technologies, requires stronger requirements for parking projects and positioning of equipment (especially for video surveillance cameras). Under all conditions, our ANPR system provides almost 100% quality of recognition.